DROPSTUFF MEDIA presents The Fair Grounds: popular culture meets high tech and high art!

The Fair Grounds is a truly new fairground where ‘folk culture’ meets ‘high tech and high art’.The Fair Grounds consists of multiple independent installations where traditional amusement rides have been updated with new artistic or social narratives.

‘Bumper Ballet’ selected for prestigious SXSW 2020 Art Program!

Bumper Ballet is a bumper car track with the world’s first self-driving bumper cars, created by Dutch new media art collective DROPSTUFF MEDIA. Between 15 and 21 March 2020, these AI-driven bumper cars can be seen at SXSW 2020, one of the most innovative art and technology festivals in the world.


Interactive Experiences and New Media Design

DROPSTUFF MEDIA is a pioneer in new media design and creates immersive and interactive public experiences. DROPSTUFF MEDIA conceptualizes, realizes and presents both autonomously and commissioned interactive installations and experiences.

Immersive Media Experiences
DROPSTUFF MEDIA creates experiences that share the same characteristics: combining new ways of storytelling with artistic content design and new technologies. We work together with partners that we believe in: designers, artists, museums, schools, universities. We are confident that mutual learning occurs in the heart of collaboration.

The Fair Grounds
The Fair Grounds is an artistic project where amusement rides are presented as art installations. New narratives have been added to fairground attractions as well as to old forms of folk culture. Each ride has been updated with rich stories of cultural heritage, the imagination of the arts and the wonderment of new technologies. The result is a truly new fairground where every ride has been modified, enhanced and now tells a surprising story to a mix of generations: folk culture meets high tech and high art!

The ambition to marvel
We believe in the importance of creating experience that make the audience marvel through storytelling. Our projects encourage people to actively explore the crossovers between stories in rituals, cultural heritage and art in one hand and experimental (media) technologies in the other. Technical improvement is never the core of our projects, nor do we aim to solve the world’s problems – but the projects displayed on this page give an impression on where our passion lies.

Education program
The workshops and masterclasses of DROPSTUFF MEDIA stimulates participants to think about ‘the power of the media’ and teach them to think in a critical way about the images and impulses they receive everyday.


Minister van Engelshoven bezoekt Bumper Ballet op Biënnale van Venetië

Dutch Minister van Engelshoven visits Bumper Ballet at the Venice Biennale

On 8 May 2019, Minister van Engelshoven, Minister of Education, Culture and Science, visited the media art installation 'Bumper Ballet' at the Biennale in Venice!
Carnaval des Moutons op Lowlands 2018©: DROPSTUFF MEDIA

Time for some inspiration! DeFabrique interviews DROPSTUFF MEDIA

Time for some inspiration! DeFabrique interviews DROPSTUFF MEDIA! The team mixes entertainment, technology and physical resources to tell stories that make an impact on visitors.
Breiclub Steek voor Steek maakt poesjes Grab the Pussy voor Koningsdag©: Breiclub Steek voor Steek

Grab some royal cats at The Fair Grounds at Kingsday!

During King's Day you can grab special kittens at The Fair Grounds during Koningsdag in De Nieuwe Stad! Knitting club Steek voor Steek made fifty beautiful orange kittens especially for the Grab the Pussy machine. Are you coming to try your luck?

Bumper Ballet naar Biënnale Venetië & Dutch Technology Week

Bumper Ballet is de nieuwe installatie van mediakunstcollectief in het kader van het project De Koude Kermis

The Fair Grounds wins NICE Award 2019!

On February 12 in Dortmund, Germany, 'The Fair Grounds’ won the prestigious NICE Award 2019 as a honorable shared first place at ecce - european centre for creative economy!

New in 2019: Bumper Ballet & The Puppet Player

Scheduled for release in 2019 is our Bumper Ballet, where the… presents The Fair Grounds at THE ARTS+

We are proud to present certain key rides from The Fair Grounds… creates Omdenken pop-up train quiz

For one week only on Utrecht Centraal: the Omdenken pop-up…