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Stichting Pleinmuseum

Media Parkboulevard 1
Postbus 1060
1200 BB Hilversum
+31 (0) 35 677 19 12  
Main, Sales ARTCASTING and LED-screen rentals
+31 (0) 35 677 18 79  
Editorial office ARTCASTING and Education programme


René van Engelenburg

René van Engelenburg

General and Artistic Director
Gijs ten Cate

Gijs ten Cate

Media Development
Tim Meijerink

Tim Meijerink

Education Management
Eva Kröse

Eva Kröse

Content Management


The Media Network for Digital and Interactive Experiences is a media network, a pioneer in both media design and artistic experiences public space. presents itself using video art, artistic games and interactive installations. initialises and realises projects as autonomous ‘experiences’ in the public space. Each initiative uses the public domain and it’s surrounding context as a starting point. The relation between both space and people is continuously approached in an experimental and artistic fashion. This is combined with an autonomous artistic program broadcasted on multiple public screens.

In order to create a highly visible and accessible platform, we use both urban screens in public spaces as well as our own mobile LED-units. The latter are also for rent.