DROPSTUFF MEDIA presents The Fair Grounds: Popular culture meets high tech and high art!

The Fair Grounds is an artistic project by media design collective DROPSTUFF MEDIA. The project builds a collection of artworks where amusement rides are presented as art installations. New narratives have been added to fairground attractions as old forms of folk culture. They have been updated with the rich stories of cultural heritage, the imagination of the arts and the wonderment of new technologies. The result is a truly new fairground where every ride has been modified, enhanced and tells surprising stories to a generation mix: popular culture meets high tech and high art!


• Kermis Amsterdam Westerpark – 8-17 March
• Nassauischer Kunstverein Wiesbaden, Germany – 5-7 April (The Fair Grounds #1)
Kingsday Amersfoort – 27 April
• Preview: ‘Bumper Ballet’ – La Biennale di Venezia, boatstop ‘Arsenale’ – 8-10 May
• Première NL: ‘Bumper Ballet’ – Dutch Technology Week Eindhoven – presented by Eindhoven Museum – 20-26 May
• La Bonne Aventure Festival, Dunkirk France 21-23 June (The Fair Grounds #1)
• Sunny Side Of The Doc, La Rochelle France – 24-27 June
Festival Onderstroom, Vlissingen – 5-7 July
• Olala – Internationales Straßentheaterfestival, Lienz Austria 26-27 July (The Fair Grounds #1)
• Kermis Eindhoven, 2-11 August
• INNOVATE Arnhem, 3-5 October
• De Betovering – 18-20 October

René van Engelenburg te gast bij New Business Radio

Op donderdag 19 september praat René van Engelenburg bij New Business Radio over de nieuwe plannen van en het project ‘De Koude Kermis’ / ‘The Fair Grounds’.


The Media Network for Digital and Interactive Experiences is a pionier in media design and creates public experiences. conceptualises, realises ánd presents interactive media projects, audiovisual productions and educational programs for cultural, governmental and commercial partners.

Media projects
Through exciting new experiences, translates messages and stories to a broad audience. By applying new techniques we aim to increase public outreach and participation. Therefore we use the latest media technologies, encompassing smartphones, motion-tracking, digital screens, virtual and augmented reality and combine them with spacial and analogue design.

Artcasting: public screens program broadcasts an interactive artistic program on a network of ‘urban screens’ on central locations such as stations, public squares and other high-profile areas.

Educational program offers a media educational program to Dutch highschools consisting of five public workshops that teach the intrinsic value of monitoring new media in a critical way. These workshops differentiate according to the average age, the size and the level of the classes.

LED Rental rents out mobile LED-screens to a multitude of festivals and events. These LED-screens are not only functional, but they are also eyecatchers by being multi-purpose stages. These LED-screens are excellent options to use as a temporary stage, DJ-booth, festival stand or pop-up presentation unit. We are specialists in tailor made installations.


Vol gas op BIG ART met Bumper Ballet!

Vol gas op BIG ART met Bumper Ballet! Op deze 'gallery-version' van onze botsautobaan kan je ervaren hoe het is om de controle te verliezen aan de technologie. Wie danst er, mens of machine?

Bumper Ballet op Park Hilaria, de grootste kermis van Eindhoven

Tussen 2 en 11 augustus 2019 staan de zelfrijdende botsauto’s van Bumper Ballet op Park Hilaria in Eindhoven

De Koude Kermis op Festival Onderstroom, Zeeland

In de zomer van 2019, van 5 tot 7 juli, strijkt De Koude Kermis neer op Onderstroom Festival in Vlissingen.

Duik op het AV Festival 2019 in de wereld van De Koude Kermis

Kom langs en ontdek de virtuele werelden van De Koude Kermis. Op het AV Festival 2019 demonstreren we onze attracties The Fair Grounds & Carnaval des Moutons in de Westergas Amsterdam.

Blik terug op prachtige Nederlandse premiere van Bumper Ballet op Dutch Technology Week

We blikken terug op een prachtige Nederlandse premiere van Bumper Ballet op de DTW - Dutch Technology Week, waar dankzij het Eindhoven Museum vele bezoekers een ritje in de zelfrijdende botsauto's konden ervaren!

#inspiratie - DeFabrique interviewt

#inspiratie Ontmoet! Het team mixt entertainment, techniek en fysieke middelen om verhalen te vertellen die impact maken op bezoekers

Bumper Ballet naar Biënnale Venetië & Dutch Technology Week

Bumper Ballet is de nieuwe installatie van mediakunstcollectief in het kader van het project De Koude Kermis

The Fair Grounds wins NICE Award 2019!

On February 12 in Dortmund, Germany, 'The Fair Grounds’ won the prestigious NICE Award 2019 as a honorable shared first place at ecce - european centre for creative economy!