De Gooische Moordenaar

De Gooische Moordenaar, (in English; ‘The Gooische Murderer’) is an augmented reality (AR) tram ride through the digital heritage of the museums that collaborate in the Heritage Festival Gooi en Vecht. Get in, put on a ‘Hololens’ and experience how the story of the Gooi en Vechtstreek comes to life in a mix of reality and augmented reality. Digitized objects, image fragments, photos, videos and new recordings tell the story of the various pioneers: historical figures who each embody a special aspect of the history of the Gooi and Vecht region.

The Steam Tram
Central to the story is the steam tram, which has made Het Gooi accessible to visitors from Amsterdam since 1881. Artists and entrepreneurs then settle in the rural villages, free spirits start up alternative communities and many innovative thinkers find a place to live in the hitherto remote area. The tram is known to the people as the ‘De Gooische Moordenaar’ because of the many accidents. A total of 117 people are killed. But above all, the vehicle is also the supplier of visitors and therefore prosperity.

De Gooische Moordenaar
AR Experience


Concept and Production:

In collaboration with:
Gooi en Vecht Heritage Festival and the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision.

Made possible by:
Media Perspectives, Hilversum City Fund, Gooi and Vechtstreek Region, VSBfonds, Prince Bernhard Culture Fund, Province of North Holland, Rabobank Gooi and Vechtstreek.

Thanks to:
De Krachtcentrale, Dutch Media Week, Municipality of Huizen, Municipality of Hilversum, Kasteel-Museum, Dutch Media Week.

Maarten van Haaff

Gooi en Eemlander, 5 aug 2021, Welmoed de Lang