Carnaval des Moutons

Carnaval des Moutons op Lowlands 2018

Carnavals des Moutons” op Lowlands 2018

Carnaval des Moutons appears to be a traditional merry-go-round. On closer inspection, the carousel it is revealed to be an interactive ode to the zoetrope, a pre-film animation device that produces the illusion of motion by displaying a sequence of drawings.

Participants are invited to take a seat ​​on one of the sheeps and put on one of the augmented reality glasses. As the carousel is set in motions, this augmented reality layer takes the participants back into time. They are transported into the world of the zoetrope. An invention by the British mathematician William George Horner in 1834. Traditional images of the zoetrope are digitally transformed into moving images. The experience merges analog and virtual layers and creates a new mixed reality artwork.

Combining the old and new

For this installation, original zoetrope cards owned by the Amsterdam Filmmuseum EYE have been digitally scanned in a high resolution. These have been digitally framed in a new three dimensional perspective using augmented reality technology. The end result brings cultural heritage to life in a unique and playful experience.

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Augmented reality carousel


Concept and design

In collaboration with
EYE Filmmuseum Amsterdam

Zoetrope animations by
Eva Kröse

Technical specifications
Measurements: length 4.70 meters / width: 2.50 meters / height: 2.90 meters

Power supply needed: 16 ampere power supply

The Fair Grounds:
Carnaval des Moutons is part of The Fair Grounds. The Fair Grounds is an artistic project by the Dutch new media art collective DROPSTUFF MEDIA which consists of multiple independent installations where traditional amusement rides have been updated with new artistic or social narratives. The result is a truly new fairground, where every ride has been modified or enhanced and tells a surprising story in the public space: popular culture meets high tech and high art!