If there’s anything that belongs at the fair grounds and events, it’s candy floss! But in these times of conscious living, is such an amount of sugar still acceptable? You don’t even know what the ingredients are!

Made especially for this confusion, DROPSTUFF developed a mobile candy floss laboratory, named ZOET! (Translation: SWEET!).  You don’t choose the flavour, but rather the European certified ‘E-number’ for food additives. At least now you know exactly what the ingredients are!

What taste and colour will your candy floss turn out to be? You will find out after you ordered 🙂

Choose one out of our 20 possibilities with delicious names like “Splashing E130“, “Tropical E124” or “Refreshing E150d” . In a glimpse of an eye, our laboratory technicians create a super fresh candy floss for you — but be aware! 9 out of 10 dentists advice against this!

More info:
Do you want to know more or would you like to place ZOET! at your event or festival?  Call: +31(0)35 – 677 1912 or send an e-mail to: info@dropstuff.nl

ZOET! is part of The Fair Grounds

Candy Floss Stand
Candy Floss in 20 E-numbers

Concept & Design

Stichting Pleinmuseum

Electricity: 230 V power supply

The Fair Grounds
ZOET! is part of The Fair Grounds: an artistic project by media design collective DROPSTUFF.nl, consisting of a collection of artworks where amusement rides are presented as art installations. A new narrative has been added to pre-existing attractions and old forms of entertainment have been updated. The result is a fairground where every ride has been modified, enhanced or completely redesigned: popular culture meets high tech and high art!