If anything is reminiscent of a traditional fairground or funfair, it’s candy floss! But is such a treat still acceptable in these times of conscious living? You can’t even check what ingredients are in it!

Not to worry – we have just the solution for you! Meet our mobile candy floss laboratory, aptly named ZOET! (Translation: SWEET!). At this high-tech food truck, you don’t pick the flavor but rather the E number. Choose one of these European Union approved food additives out of a list containing delicious names like “Splashing E130“, “Tropical E124” or “Refreshing E150d”. In a glimpse of an eye, our helpful laboratory technicians create a super fresh candy floss for you — but beware: 9 out of 10 dentists advice against this!

Pick an E-number, guess the flavor
playfully tackles the conundrum of a growing consumer food awareness versus the unhealthy yet delicious nature of traditional fairground snacks. No matter which way you spin it, a candy floss will always remain 100% sugar. By choosing the E number, ZOET! gives consumers a playful sugar rush into the origins of our chemically processed food.

By blurring the lines between foodtruck, laboratory, fun and science, ZOET! has drawn critical acclaim across funfairs & festivals. The mobile, lightweight food truck makes for an excellent and playful addition to any festival, congress or event. It adheres to all Dutch mobile food licenses and accepts cash & PIN-payments.

Mobile candy floss laboratory
Candy floss food truck where you choose an E number

Concept & design

Electricity: 230 V power supply
Length: 3.5 meters / Width: 1.65 meters / Height: 2.5 metersOpslaan