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  • Specialists in interactive and immersive design

  • pioneers in popular culture, heritage, arts and technology

Looking for a unique location for workshops, sessions or a studio for online or hybrid events?


‘Fair at the Base “- new workshop and experience

Dit jaar liep wat anders dan vooraf gedacht. Maar we zijn omdenkers, dus zijn we op zoek gegaan naar nieuwe kansen en mogelijkheden.

Daarom is onze werkplaats verhuisd naar Park Vliegbasis Soesterberg. En daar presenteren we nu ‘Kermis op de Basis’: een 800 m2 media playground met de installaties van De Koude Kermis als unieke setting voor innovatieve dagprogramma’s gericht op het creëren en versterken van innovatie- en transformatievermogen.

De ruimte is daarnaast uitermate geschikt voor uw eigen workshops, heisessies, hybride of online bijeenkomsten tot 25 personen. Uiteraard met goede catering en opties voor grotere events tot 450 personen, straks in betere tijden.

Voorlopig volledig ingericht op 1,5 m afstand. We zien er naar uit om elkaar weer snel in het echt te ontmoeten! Meer info? 035-6771912 of kermisopdebasis@dropstuff.nl

DROPSTUFF MEDIA presents The Fair Grounds: popular culture meets high tech and high art!

The Fair Grounds is a truly new fairground where ‘folk culture’ meets ‘high tech and high art’.The Fair Grounds consists of multiple independent installations where traditional amusement rides have been updated with new artistic or social narratives.


DROPSTUFF MEDIA is a pioneer in media design and creates immersive and interactive public experiences. DROPSTUFF conceives, realizes and presents both autonomously and on commission.

Immersive Media Installations
DROPSTUFF MEDIA is a specialist in the development of media installations and exhibitions in public spaces, in inner cities, at festivals, for museums, cultural organizations and during various events.

We depict messages and stories for broad audiences by connecting new techniques to substantive stories and exciting experience concepts. Active participation and audience reach are the keywords in many of our productions. We have experience with the use of artificial intelligence, motion detection and virtual and augmented reality techniques in public experiences.

The Fair Grounds
The Fair Grounds is the playground of the new media art collective DROPSTUFF MEDIA. The project builds a collection of artworks where amusement rides are presented as art installations. New narratives have been added to fairground attractions as well as to old forms of folk culture. Each ride has been updated with rich stories of cultural heritage, the imagination of the arts and the wonderment of new technologies. The result is a truly new fairground where every ride has been modified, enhanced and now tells a surprising story to a mix of generations: folk culture meets high tech and high art!

Educational program
The DROPSTUFF Educational Program consists of various types of media literacy workshops, subdivided into various topics & themes that (young) people are confronted with in daily life. All workshops have both a theoretical and a practical element, so that students can immediately practice the transferred knowledge in practice. The workshops are given by a team of young and driven professionals with knowledge.

LED-Schermen rental
DROPSTUFF MEDIA rents out mobile LED screens for festivals and events. You can use the LED units with 4 mm or 8 mm pixel pitch as a mobile stage, DJ booth, exhibition stand or presentation room. Custom installations are our specialty.


René van Engelenburg is a guest at New Business Radio

On Thursday 19 September René van Engelenburg will talk at New Business Radio about the future plans of DROPSTUFF.nl and the project 'The Fair Grounds'.
The Fair Grounds - Gooisch Bierfestival - 15 September 2019 ©: DROPSTUFF MEDIA©: DROPSTUFF MEDIA

‘The Fair Grounds’ makes a stop at the Gooisch Bierfestival 2019

Dutch Media Week, the media festival of the Netherlands, takes place this year from 4 to 13 October in Hilversum. Be surprised and inspired!
Bumper Ballet op Big Art 2019. Foto: Jan Willem Kaldenbach©: Jan Willem Kaldenbach

Check out the gallery edition of Bumper Ballet at BIG ART!

Full throttle on BIG ART with Bumper Ballet! On this 'gallery version' of our bumper car track you can experience what it's like to lose control of technology. Who dances, people or machines?
DROPSTUFF Photobooth Rembrandt & De Gouden Eeuw 2019©: DROPSTUFF MEDIA

DROPSTUFF.nl Photobooth ‘Rembrandt & De Gouden Eeuw 2019’ at Uitmarkt Amsterdam

At the Uitmarkt Amsterdam you can be immortalized in the unique, life-sized Rembrandt & De Gouden Eeuw 2019 photo booth!
The Fair Grounds op Festival Onderstroom, Vlissingen 2019 - © Tim van Kleunen© Tim van Kleunen

Come & see The Fair Grounds at the coast at Festival Onderstroom, Zeeland

In the summer of 2019, from 5 to 7 July, The Fair Grounds will lay itself out at Onderstroom Festival in Vlissingen. For three days, Festival Onderstroom is the best place for street theater, music by the sea and lots of performances in a unique setting: the city of Vlissingen itself!
2019-06-27 The Fair Grounds Sunny Side Of The Doc©: DROPSTUFF MEDIA

Bonjour! The Fair Grounds is present at the Sunny Side of the Doc 2019 festival in La Rochelle, France!

In the summer we travel to the beautiful La Rochelle in France for the Sunny Side of the Doc 2019 festival. We have the honor to showcase 'The Fair Grounds' and 'Time Travelers' for the first time at PiXii in France!

Dive into the world of The Fair Grounds at the AV Festival 2019 in Amsterdam

Come and discover the virtual installations of The Fair Grounds at the AV Festival 2019 where we showcase our attractions The Fair Grounds & Carnaval des Moutons in Westergas Amsterdam.
©: Eindhovens Dagblad

Look back on the wonderful Dutch premiere of Bumper Ballet at Dutch Technology Week

We look back on a wonderful Dutch premiere of Bumper Ballet at the DTW - Dutch Technology Week, where thanks to the Eindhoven Museum many visitors could experience a ride in the self-driving bumper cars!