Travel with Europa’s #BigArtRide

A virtual bridge through Europe with virtual reality, art… and cycling!

#BigArtRide – the European Tour, initiated by in collaboration with Europeana, the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision and the Embassies of the Kingdom of The Netherlands through Europe, is a new cultural media project which connects citizens all over Europe with each other in a unique VR-cycling game. Cycle through the city of the future, filled with shared cultural heritage!

During the months april, may, and june of 2016, an installation will travel on two with LED-screens and a bike-installation: one trough Amsterdam, and one through nine different European capitals. Every time participants will be invited to step on the bike, put on an ‘Oculus Rift’ VR headset and navigate through a virtual city full of highlights from ages of European art.

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#BigArtRide successfully finished!

On the 14th of april 2016 the launch of the #BigArtRide took place at the Innovation Expo at Eye in Amsterdam and during the 3rd of july final edition took place between Århus, Denmark and the Westermark in Amsterdam.

We’ve had a fantastic journey of two and a half months with two trailers and crews through the Netherlands and Europe: From Amsterdam and The Hague to Brussels and Wroclaw via the LINDA-festival and Rome. From Nijmegen, Vienna and Prague trough Utrecht, Berlin and the European parliament, Paris, Hilversum, Veghel, Bratislava, the Europe House and Århus.

Lots of Europeans sat on our bicycle and enjoyed a VR-tour though a landscape of cultural heritage, together or alone.

Pink Elephant in Soestdijk

Recently we created an interactive VR-installation for the exhibition BAL! at Soestdijk Palace. An experience in which visitors of Prince Bernhard’s former office are taken to that same room, but in the past. Bystanders can observe via a monitor. The installation is not only historicizing, but also a game which challenges you to – within the museum context in which you are situated physically – to ‘rebuild’ the room in a very special way… Who dares? – This exhibition was visible until the 25th of September 2016 in Soestdijk Palace.

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The Media Network for Digital and Interactive Experiences is a pionier in media design and creates public experiences. conceptualises, realises ánd presents interactive media projects, audiovisual productions for public screens and an educational program about media knowledge.

Media projects
Through exciting new experiences, translates messages and stories to a broad audience. By applying new techniques we aim to increase public outreach and participation. Therefore we use the latest media technologies, encompassing smartphones, motion-tracking, digital screens, virtual and augmented reality and combine them with spacial and analogue design.

Artcasting: public screens program broadcasts an interactive artistic program on a network of ‘urban screens’ on central locations such as stations, public squares and other high-profile areas.

Educational program offers a media educational program to Dutch highschools consisting of five public workshops that teach the intrinsic value of monitoring new media in a critical way. These workshops differentiate according to the average age, the size and the level of the classes.

LED Rental rents out mobile LED-screens to a multitude of festivals and events. These LED-screens are not only functional, but they are also eyecatchers by being multi-purpose stages. These LED-screens are excellent options to use as a temporary stage, DJ-booth, festival stand or pop-up presentation unit. We are specialists in tailor made installations.

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