Venus for Venice

The LED screen is filled with a slowly pulsating, bright yellow light. In this way a pulsating, abstract landscape of light arises; like a digital ‘sun’ or planet Venus. The closer visitors stand to the screen, the faster and more intensely the ‘sun’ starts to pulsate. Furthermore, the audience will receive the artwork on their mobile phones via Bluetooth. The yellow light of the mobile art work also pulsates and will spread like a sort of virus.

Daan Roosegaarde (1979) is a sculptor/architect working in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. He studied at the Academy of Fine Arts AKI in Enschede and the Berlage Institute in Rotterdam. Roosegaarde´s work explores the dynamic relation between architecture, people and new media. His sculptures are a collision of technology and the human body. In this interaction, the sculptures create a situation where visitor and (public) space become one. Daan Roosegaarde’s concept is that technology will slip away from the computer and telephone screen and will merge with our body and the physical surroundings. Other art works, such as Dune, Flow 5.0 and Sustainable Dance Floor have a similar subject.

Daan Roosegaarde

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