Immaculate Heart of Mary V2.0

Nadia shows three female robots in a Baroque style. All three of them symbolize love. The first robot looks young and symbolizes an unbreakable faith in a system. The second robot is pregnant and symbolizes instinctive/programmed love. The third robot looks old and stands for love, for everything and everyone, enlightened by experience. Striking texts demonstrate to the public that you can send SMS messages to the robot whose opinion you wish to hear. Nadia was driven to create this work by her fascination with religion and how people deal with it: she is especially fascinated by the Virgin Mary. The works stands for Mary’s three types of love: her virginal love for God, her maternal love, and her love for all people.

Nadia Karroue (1986) is Moroccan Dutch and studied Design for Virtual Theatre and Games at the Academy for the Arts, Utrecht. She spends her days making illustrations and game graphics. She specializes in colorful 2D graphics for casual games and illustrations of girls with an attitude. Her nights are dedicated to soaking up documentaries, conspiracy theories, pseudo science and history. She has been creating fictional worlds since childhood, which only get more complex and detailed as she gets older and more experienced.

Nadia Karroue

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