The Fair Grounds

‘mixed reality’

‘The Fair Grounds’ is an interactive multimedia artwork that will be placed in Venice during the preview days of the International Art Exhibition, La Biennale di Venezia. From May 9 to 14 the project will be displayed at Vaporetto-stop Arsenale, on the Riva Ca’di Dio, the route from San Marco to Giardini. This is the same route that the art-loving crowd traverses daily to come and visit the Biennale. A place on the street, in the public space, where a mixture of Biennale-visitors, tourists and the occasional remaining citizen can meet.

The work consists of six nostalgic so called ‘kiddy rides’: carnivalesque attractions restored to their former glory and covered in a high gloss unicolor polyester layer. Colored in the template of ‘De Stijl’, the famous Dutch modernist art movement of Piet Mondriaan and Gerrit Rietveld. The objects are placed behind one another, lining up to make a small coaster train. Passerby’s are invited to take place: they can choose between a motorbike, a horse, a race car, a helicopter, a ‘Pikachu’ and a clown seesaw. Once seated, they don a VR-headset. A big red button will activate the whole ‘coaster train’. Every ride moves autonomously from each other in its own manner.

Inside of the virtual reality the participants are raced through both Venice and Amsterdam in a high-speed roller- coaster experience. The Fair Grounds turns Biennale-visitors into tourists and tourists into art-connoisseurs.

Winner of the Cinekid Golden Lion Audience Award 2017!

During the Cinekid Media Award Show on 25th of october 2017, the installation ‘The Fair Grounds‘ by won the Golden Lion Audience Award! The VR-installation, this time paired up with the special animation Bananza by TeYosh, managed to gather by far the most audience votes for most popular attraction. The installation can be seen from 21 to 27th of october 2017 at Cinekids Festival, Westergasfabriek Amsterdam

Interactive installation with 360˚ / 3D VR Experience


Concept and Design:
René van Engelenburg and Gijs ten Cate

VR Video:
Ard van der Veldt

Venice Biennale 2017
The Fair Grounds was launched during the Venice Biënnale, May 2017 in collaboration in collaboration with the Dutch Embassy in Italy

The Fair Grounds is part of a series of works under the moniker Fair Grounds. The Fair Grounds covers everything between art and fairgrounds; a project in which wants to link forms of popular culture to ‘high art’ and high tech ‘.The Fair Grounds will be placed in squares and festivals and actively seeks a wide audience. ‘Attractions’ are ‘installations’ and ‘shows’ are ‘performances’. Creating an ‘inclusive’ experience instead of an ‘exclusive one’. The installation will travel through various locations in the Netherlands.

Trouw – Jos de Groot, Juni 2017

Winner of the Golden Lion Audience Award Cinekid Festival 2017