Bumper Ballet to be presented at La Biennale di Venezia & Dutch Technology Week

Bumper Ballet is a new installation of media art collective DROPSTUFF.nl and the latest addition to the ongoing artistic project The Fair Grounds, where an amusement ride doubles as an ‘art installation’ and a vendor doubles as a ‘performer’.

A small bumper car track of about 6 x 12 meters contains four bumper cars. The drivers of the bumper cars initially drive as normal. After a few minutes ‘the system’ takes over and the steering wheel no longer works. Visitors become a subject to the cars and experience what it means to lose control when the computer system takes over. From that point on the cars perform a dance choreography with each other: a bumper ballet is born.

This installation demonstrates the experience of losing control to new technology and the presumed contrast between ‘colliding’ and ‘dancing’.

Bumper Ballet is a collaboration with Eindhoven Museum and the designers Peter de Man and Douwe Hibma.

Preview at Biennale Venice: May 8 – 11 , 11.00 – 19.00 h

• 8 May 16:30 — Visit from Minister Ingrid van Engelshoven from the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science

Premiere in Eindhoven: May 19 – 24, 12.00 – 19.00 h