DROPSTUFF.nl & TeYosh win the Cinekid Golden Lion Audience Award!

During the Cinekid Media Award Show on 25th of october 2017, the installation ‘The Fair Grounds‘ by DROPSTUFF.nl won the Golden Lion Audience Award! The VR-installation, this time paired up with the special animation Bananza by TeYosh, managed to gather by far the most audience votes for most popular attraction. The installation can be seen from 21 to 27th of october 2017 at Cinekids Festival, Westergasfabriek Amsterdam

‘Grab the Pussy’ launched at Lowlands festival!

During Lowlands 2017, the latest DROPSTUFF’s addition to the ‘The Fair Grounds’ has been launched; ‘Grab the Pussy’. ‘Grab the Pussy’ is an art project where you can try to grab an old-fashioned kitten. No industrial plush, but even knitted by grandmothers from all over the Netherlands! After Lowlands, the project travels through the Netherlands. Check our website for the tour list!


Dutch Minister of Culture Bussemaker opens The Fair Grounds

Outgoing Minister of Culture Jet Bussemaker was present in Venice on the 10th of May 2017 to open the ‘The Fair Grounds’ during the Venice Biennale. She hopped into one of the kiddy-rides, one of the former children rides refurbished into an art-installation designed in the colours of Mondriaan’s ‘De Stijl’.

Using a VR-headset, she as well as other passerby’s in Venice can take a virtual ‘rollercoaster’-tour through either the canals of Venice or Amsterdam — in 360 degrees ánd full 3D video !

The art installation ‘The Fair Grounds’ tackles the issues of turning classic European inner cities like Amsterdam and Venice into touristic hotspots and the effect it has on the authenticity of those cities.

Directly after the Venice Biennale presentation the installation will travel to two locations in The Netherlands: 
– 18 & 19 may during the Mediabites at VondelCS in Amsterdam
– 20 May during the Maakfestival at the Groninger Forum
– 23 May during the Mediawijzer Netwerk Experience  in het Nederlands Instituut voor Beeld en Geluid in Hilversum

‘The Fair Grounds’ at Venice Biennale 2017

From Tuesday the 9th of May until Sunday the 14th DROPSTUFF presents the media art work ‘The Fair Grounds’ during the preview days of the International Art Exhibition, La Biennale di Venezia. Situated directly opposite Vaporetto stop ‘Arsenale’, we organize -for the fifth time since 2007- an alternative Dutch contribution to the Biennale. Unlike other years, this year we present a work of DROPSTUFF itself. ‘The Fair Grounds’ is a concept and design of René van Engelenburg and Gijs ten Cate in realized collaboration with filmmaker Ard van der Veldt.

‘The Fair Grounds’ is an interactive multimedia artwork that will be placed in Venice during the preview days of the International Art Exhibition, La Biennale di Venezia. From May 9 to 14 the project will be displayed at Vaporetto-stop Arsenale, on the Riva Ca’di Dio, the route from San Marco to Giardini. This is the same route that the art-loving crowd traverses daily to come and visit the Biennale. A place on the street, in the public space, where a mixture of Biennale-visitors, tourists and the occasional remaining citizen can meet.

The work consists of six nostalgic so called ‘kiddy rides’: carnivalesque attractions restored to their former glory and covered in a high gloss unicolor polyester layer. Colored in the template of ‘De Stijl’, the famous Dutch modernist art movement of Piet Mondriaan and Gerrit Rietveld. The objects are placed behind one another, lining up to make a small coaster train. Passerby’s are invited to take place: they can choose between a motorbike, a horse, a race car, a helicopter, a ‘Pikachu’ and a clown seesaw. Once seated, they don a VR-headset. A big red button will activate the whole ‘coaster train’. Every ride moves autonomously from each other in its own manner.

Inside of the virtual reality the participants are raced through both Venice and Amsterdam in a high-speed roller- coaster experience. The Fair Grounds turns Biennale-visitors into tourists and tourists into art-connoisseurs.

Download here the full Press Release

Travel with Europa’s #BigArtRide

A virtual bridge through Europe with virtual reality, art… and cycling!

#BigArtRide – the European Tour, initiated by DROPSTUFF.nl in collaboration with Europeana, the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision and the Embassies of the Kingdom of The Netherlands through Europe, is a new cultural media project which connects citizens all over Europe with each other in a unique VR-cycling game. Cycle through the city of the future, filled with shared cultural heritage!

During the months april, may, and june of 2016, an installation will travel on two DROPSTUFF.nl-trailers with LED-screens and a bike-installation: one trough Amsterdam, and one through nine different European capitals. Every time participants will be invited to step on the bike, put on an ‘Oculus Rift’ VR headset and navigate through a virtual city full of highlights from ages of European art.

Read more about the #BigArtRide on the project page.

Follow the project on our facebook-page.

#BigArtRide successfully finished!

On the 14th of april 2016 the launch of the #BigArtRide took place at the Innovation Expo at Eye in Amsterdam and during the 3rd of july final edition took place between Århus, Denmark and the Westermark in Amsterdam.

We’ve had a fantastic journey of two and a half months with two trailers and crews through the Netherlands and Europe: From Amsterdam and The Hague to Brussels and Wroclaw via the LINDA-festival and Rome. From Nijmegen, Vienna and Prague trough Utrecht, Berlin and the European parliament, Paris, Hilversum, Veghel, Bratislava, the Europe House and Århus.

Lots of Europeans sat on our bicycle and enjoyed a VR-tour though a landscape of cultural heritage, together or alone.

Pink Elephant in Soestdijk

Recently we created an interactive VR-installation for the exhibition BAL! at Soestdijk Palace. An experience in which visitors of Prince Bernhard’s former office are taken to that same room, but in the past. Bystanders can observe via a monitor. The installation is not only historicizing, but also a game which challenges you to – within the museum context in which you are situated physically – to ‘rebuild’ the room in a very special way… Who dares? – This exhibition was visible until the 25th of September 2016 in Soestdijk Palace.

Check the projectpage

VR_MEER for the Mauritshuis

In assignment of the Mauritshuis in The Hague DROPSTUFF.nl created a unique virtual reality experience in cooperation with The Virtual Dutch Men called VR_MEER. Make a virtual trip in a typical red British telephone box and end up in the Johannes Vermeer painting ‘The Music Lesson’

VR_MEER is made for the exhibition ‘Hollanders in huis’ featuring famous Dutch paintings from the British Royal Collection. The project will be shown on the square in front of the Mauritshuis from 29 september 2016 till 8 januari 2017.


PHOTOBOOTH at Lowlands 2016

Art at the Lowlands festival is not only perception, but immersion! DROPSTUFF.nl presented the DROPSTUFF PHOTOBOOTH in collaboration with the Mauritshuis, the Centraal Museum and Museum De Lakenhal. Check the aftermovie above!