The Water Arch at SXSW Festival March 12-15

DROPSTUFF MEDIA has developed a new installation, ‘The Water Arch’; an interactive installation that playfully brings the ever-increasing use of water to the attention of a wider audience.

It is an abstraction of a classic Dutch barrel organ. By turning a big wheel, the water comes to life. While playing songs from long forgotten days, water is pumped up through a system of tubes and transparent bubbles. Eventually the water collects in a large container above your head. At 134 liters the water is released. Protected by a large transparent dome you experience the power of daily water usage at an instance. 134 liters* is the amount that every person in The Netherlands uses every day on average. In the USA this goes up to 310 liters.* The music is an adaptation of a recording of a famous barrel organ from the 1950s and 1960s from the archive of the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision.

From March 12-15, 2023, The Water Arch will be on display at the SXSW Festival Creative Industries Expo in Austin, Texas, USA. * /