Outsourced Interactive Art

For many companies it is more economically favourable to relocate their production to Asia than to hire local employees. Even local production by robots can be more expensive than labour on another continent. In this context, Blendid researches the possibilities of ‘Outsourced Interactive Art’.

On the DROPSTUFF screen, live images of the audience are shown (with a short delay). Over these images a graphic layer is projected, which interacts with the audience who sees itself, like a video mirror on which people generate graphic (image) elements by using body movements and the surroundings. The interactivity of this work uses as little programmed technical logic, which is normally used in comparable works, as possible. Here, a number of people from an Asian outsourcing company are doing the main tasks live!

David Kousemaker & Tim Olden met when studying at the Utrecht School of Art and Technology, and are interaction designers with overlapping interests regarding interface design. Experienced in realizing projects in different areas of the creative digital field, Blendid is most interested in designs that allow digital technology to escape the more traditional interfaces that make use of a mouse, a keyboard and a screen.

Blendid: David Kousemaker & Tim Olden

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