Gaming had become more then simple entertainment. In the workshop game design students learn about the connection between games and art and form an opinion about this. They are going to work with educational & serious games, learn about gaming history and investigate which criteria are needed to make a good game. With the use of ‘paper prototyping’ the students get to work and use gaming to tell stories or share an opinion.

In the first part the students learn about the different aspects of gaming and how to analyze them. In addition, the students think about if games can turn into an art form. If so, in what way?

During the second part of the workshop the students meet the basic principles of game design, and design a game themselves. This program contains an introduction, a discussion and the preparing of a game. The students get a better idea about what (artistic) games are, and how to make a game.

Suitable for:
VMBO, HAVO & VWO, highest classes primary education

150 minutes

325 euro