Media Mile Hilversum

Media Mile Hilversum is an interactive walking route for the whole family. It runs from the Stationsplein in Hilversum through the center to the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision at Media Park. You can find the route by searching for bright yellow sidewalk tiles and “media columns”, designed and produced by DROPSTUFF MEDIA. This way you will visit Hilversum media hotspots and hear special stories about Dutch media history.

Along the route you will find 10 Media Mile hotspots. There are large media columns on 4 of them. These are filled with various objects from Hilversum’s media history, such as 3D prints by Loekie de Leeuw, Meneer de Uil, Robin de Robot and Eucalypta. These prints were made in collaboration with Replicad.

Interactive walking route for the entire family


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