Crazy RC Truck

Why are we so serious when we shop, walk down the street or ring other people? Why do we not laugh with one another? Where is the fun of life gone? With a small radio-controlled truck mounted with a megaphone, Ian Cassels tries to encourage that moment of joy. Through a wireless connection, the controller of the truck can transmit to the megaphone by speaking through a microphone. Using every-day comments such as ‘Look at me driving mad!’ or ‘What have you done today?’,directly communicating with the public in amusing yet confrontational ways, Ian hopes to break the ice.

Ian Macleod Cassels (NL) founded ‘Mediaontwerpers’ in 2002 to build interactive installations for parties, with a reactive purpose of getting more pleasure out of a party by combining art, sound and group interaction. All the installations have political and or social implications and influence how Ian sees the community through his own eyes.

Ian Macleod Cassels / Media Ontwerpers

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