Wayne Horse has created a giant Tamagotchi for DROPSTUFF: but its function has been turned around though. We will never experience it as cute, and all our efforts to please it end up harmful and ultimately deadly. We see a huge rooster: ugly and demanding, observing the crowd or square where he is located, constantly asking to be fed. By SMS and the touch-screen, the public can provide it with food, which the rooster will eagerly suck at. The roosters balls begin to swell. Each time he gets fed they swell more. If everybody works together to feed him, he will swell to such a size that the corners of the screen will no longer allow the rooster to move, and thus he suffocates…

Wayne Horse (or William Head) (pseudonym of Willehad Eilers, 1981) was born in Germany and studied at the Rijksacademie and the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam. Wayne creates fantasy worlds with his drawings, graffiti tags and videos in which violence, social class differences, celebrity culture, excessive consumption and pornography feature prominently.

Wayne Horse

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