Ola’s work is impulsive and gives a humoristic view on the relationship between the icon culture and the visual arts. She specializes in video, primitive animations and illustrations. Her working process shifts on the crossroads of culture and new media without leaving out the conceptual line of traditional Fine Art. Characteristic for Ola Vasiljeva’s work is composed visual material such as images from pop- and subcultures, reprogrammed with her own neo-primitivist visual aesthetic, with a keen take on contemporary culture. Continuing her investigation of the relationship between culture and technology in the context of the hand-made, she brings out a new deliberately lo-fi aesthetic. In her latest works she played with popular and comfortable images and well-known names by placing them in irrelevant situations or giving them a rather surprising function and destination.

Ola Vasiljeva

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Stedelijk Museum ‘s-Hertogenbosch