Zap is an abbreviation of ‘Artificial Zapped Picture’. Producing a Zap begins by formulating a set of four to ten words. ApFab then uses these words as keywords in Google Image Search. With each search, the first image that Google presents – the current most important visual representation of that word according to this authority on the Internet – is used. With the resulting collection of images they assemble a unique collage: a Zap! They cut, tear and shift until a new order arises from the chaos. The individual images relate to each other and build a new sense of tension and arbitrariness.

Albert Westerhoff (1979) and Fabian de Boer (1977) together form the artist duo Apfab. They are focused on computer gaming, in which their alter egos Ap and Fab configurate. They are interested in issues such as the influence of the internet, copyright and bureaucracy: for instance, the question as to whether the laws on authorship should be re-evaluated. They also have an ambition to re-materialize all their content once again on the internet.

ApFab: Albert Westerhoff en Fabian de Boer

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