Robot Monk Story TT888

In a completely white testing room, power cables leave their docking system and find their way to a connecting core. Due to this, certain machinery gets activated. Bit by bit, detailed parts of the machinery are revealed. As these activities are being monitored, the machine slowly comes to life. The ‘Test Type 888′ robot is activated, unleashed and visits La Biennale!
The concept could be described as a surrealistic portrayal of a futuristic robotic mechanoid in an ancient cultural realistic place: Venice. A home-video of a robot follows.

Daniel was born in The Netherlands, but his second home is Singapore and he grew up with American, European and Asian influences. TT888 represents Daniel as a globetrotter, travelling the world and ‘tasting’ many different cultures. In his work as Motion Graphic Designer, he often looks for ways in which to illustrate an experience and seeks for new visual evolvement for it, both technical and creative.

Chun See Daniel Lim

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