Marvelous experiences creates experiences that share the same characteristics: new ways of storytelling, artistic content design and new technologies. Usually, we work together with partners that we believe in: designers, artists, museums, schools, universities and. We are confident that mutual learning occurs in the heart of collaboration.

We love coming up with new ideas that seem impossible or are aiming too high according to others. For example: a fully projected 1000 m2 exhibition, placing a fifteen meter wide LED-screen on the docks of Venice, creating our own cultural fair ground or to connect two iconic squares in different cities by a live virtual reality connection. That’s when we are challenged. That’s when we are at our best.

To marvel
We believe it is important to create experiences that make the audience marvel through storylines. Our projects encourage people to actively explore the crossovers between stories in rituals, cultural heritage or art in one hand and experimental (media) technologies in the other. Technical improvement is never the core of our projects, nor do we aim to solve the world’s problems – but the projects displayed on this page give an impression on where our passion lies.