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DROPSTUFF MEDIA presents The Fair Grounds: Popular culture meets high tech and high art!

The Fair Grounds is an artistic project by media design collective DROPSTUFF MEDIA. The project builds a collection of artworks where amusement rides are presented as art installations. New narratives have been added to fairground attractions as old forms of folk culture. They have been updated with the rich stories of cultural heritage, the imagination of the arts and the wonderment of new technologies. The result is a truly new fairground where every ride has been modified, enhanced and tells surprising stories to a generation mix: popular culture meets high tech and high art!


• Kermis Amsterdam Westerpark – 8-17 March
• Nassauischer Kunstverein Wiesbaden, Germany – 5-7 April (The Fair Grounds #1)
Kingsday Amersfoort – 27 April
• Preview: ‘Bumper Ballet’ – La Biennale di Venezia, boatstop ‘Arsenale’ – 8-10 May
• Première NL: ‘Bumper Ballet’ – Dutch Technology Week Eindhoven – presented by Eindhoven Museum – 20-26 May
• La Bonne Aventure Festival, Dunkirk France 21-23 June (The Fair Grounds #1)
• Sunny Side Of The Doc, La Rochelle France – 24-27 June
Festival Onderstroom, Vlissingen – 5-7 July
• Olala – Internationales Straßentheaterfestival, Lienz Austria 26-27 July (The Fair Grounds #1)
• Kermis Eindhoven, 2-11 August
• INNOVATE Arnhem, 3-5 October
• De Betovering – 18-20 October

Vol gas op BIG ART met Bumper Ballet!

Vol gas op BIG ART met Bumper Ballet! Op deze ‘gallery-version’ van onze botsautobaan kan je ervaren hoe het is om de controle te verliezen aan de technologie. Wie danst er, mens of machine?

Merci, La Bonne Aventure!

During 22 & 23 June, we will present The Fair Grounds 1.0 at La Bonne Aventure 2019 in Duinkerke. Hop on the virtual reality kiddyrides and race through both Venice and Amsterdam in a high-speed rollercoaster experience. The Fair Grounds 1.0 turns tourists into art-connoisseurs and art-connoisseurs into tourists!