New media art in the public space

From 2008 onwards, has been creating their ‘Museum without walls‘ – a digital platform in the public space. Using a programme broadcasted on public screens in cities such as  Hilversum and is able to create a large platform voor autonomous cultural content. On a weekly basis these screens are viewed by tens of thousands of people. The programme serves as a highly visible stage for (young) designers, theatre makers, writers and artists. The audience is a cross-section of the Dutch population. Ngage Media is the owner of a broad array of screens, mainly placed in public locations such as train and busstations.

The DS_Editorial staff programs the “ ARTCASTING”; a weekly programme compiled of short videos, clips, animations and interactive applications. Every piece of content has a maximum duration of 30 seconds.

441.400 viewers

every week

24 hours

broadcast a day


To display the most current developments in the cross-section between new media and art, hosts the special artcasting-program to create a highly visible and accessible platform for both young and established talent. Content is collected through the use of open calls and workshops together with colleges, universities and cultural institutions such as the Go Short festival.

Everyone is free to submit their own work for submission into this program. The specifications are available here, in Dutch only: specs

These activities in combination with open submissions create a dynamic and permanently shifting program of content. This program is displayed on outdoor screens in the public space and during select screenings on festivals and cultural events. All submissions are subject to the disclaimer

Do you have a clip or content that you would like to submit ? Have a great idea? Contact us directly at

A full portfolio of all previous items showcased in this artcasting-program is available here.

An example of some of the best work we’ve shown:

Submit a clip? Check the specifications here (Dutch only)

A selection of the artcasting-program

Digital collection frequently collaborates with a wide variety of designers and artists.

In the past years this has led to a wide variety of digital artpieces and videos. These are archived in the digital collection of

Many of these works have been established with the help of funds, local governments, musea and other cultural institutions. Their assistance has proven invaluable.