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DROPSTUFF MEDIA creates new media art experiences that share common characteristics: new ways of storytelling, artistic content and using new technologies. We believe in the importance of creating experience that make the audience marvel through storytelling. Our projects encourage people to actively explore the crossovers between stories in rituals, cultural heritage and art in one hand and experimental (media) technologies in the other. Technical improvement is never the core of our projects, nor do we aim to solve the world’s problems – but the projects displayed on our page give an impression on where our passion lies.


The DROPSTUFF Educational Program consists of various types of media literacy workshops, subdivided into various topics & themes that (young) people are confronted with in daily life. All workshops have both a theoretical and a practical element, so that students can immediately practice the transferred knowledge in practice. The workshops are given by a team of young and driven professionals with knowledge.


In all our projects, DROPSTUFF MEDIA aims to build bridges between art, entertainment, media & technology. We are happy to take your organization along on our journey, where we will kickstart you with inspiration, research, design and trial & error. Masterclasses, inspiration sessions and tours of installations of The Fair Grounds are possible on request. Drop us a line here.

DROPSTUFF MEDIA stimulates students and adults to think and challenge ‘the power of the media’ and teaches them to think in a critical way about the images and new media impulses they receive everyday.

In our creative workshops for high school students, we especially encourage anyone with an artistic talent to create and submit content for the nationwide artcasting-program. Do you have a clip or content that you would like to submit ? Have a great idea? Contact us using the form below.

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